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Floor lamps are an essential item in most home and office interiors. When you need a source of illumination for reading in armchairs, or a muted light for relaxing with friends, a floor lamp will often be the best option to choose. At Pacific Compagnie, we have selected some of the finest contemporary floor lamp designs, making it simple to add some high-quality lighting to your home.


If you have any preconceptions about what a floor lamp should look like, put them to one side. Our partner designers have crafted some exceptional products that are full of imaginative touches, creating a range which will surprise and delight interior designers. From unique interpretations of Art Deco lighting styles, to ultra-minimalist modern creations, these lamps blend form and function in spectacular fashion.


They can be used in smaller rooms as a substitute for ceiling or wall lamps, providing extra flexibility and helping to save energy at the same time. But they will also be an excellent resource to have in reserve. With a few of our tree floor lamp designs in your collection, you will be able to supplement your main lights, adding just the right amount of illumination, wherever it is required. So let's have a look at the various lighting options available in a little more detail.


 Floor lamps: our products


Firstly, our floor lamps come in a diverse variety of styles and materials. There are polished brass options, lamps made from nickel or aluminium, as well as designs featuring inventive combinations of solid oak wood and murano glass.


The quality of the materials means that all of them will make a good impression, even when the light isn't in use. But it's important to choose a material which fits neatly into your interior. If you have styled an uncluttered modern home design, slender metal lamps often work beautifully. But if your tastes lean more towards lavish furnishings and rich colours, more extravagant oak or glass lamps may work better. It all depends on the style you love - so browse our floor lamp designs and find a perfect match.


Secondly, our lamps draw inspiration from many different traditions. Some feature unmistakeably Art Deco elements such as dazzling brass fans or coconut palms fashioned from premium glass. Some floor lamps hark back to vintage Hollywood styles, resembling set lights used when making movies, while others are more decadent in style, basing their finishes and motifs on ideas from the 19th century. Again, it's important to find a look which harmonises with your furniture and decorations. With the choices on offer from Pacific Compagnie, that won't be a problem.


Additionally, you'll find lamps designed for indoor and outdoor uses. If you need lighting to deploy outdoors, lamps featuring wicker or rattan will be ideal, with their organic look and waterproof materials. On the other hand, metallic anglepoise lamps are mainly suited to studies or living rooms, offering a flexible light source for work or play.


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Whatever style or materials you desire, our collection of floor lamps will include designs that capture your imagination. Models range from totally stripped-down, elegantly simple lamps, to the most extravagant designs imaginable. So whether you are a fan of Scandinavian purity or you love the flamboyance of gold leaf and floral sculptures, you won't lack for lighting options.


Just as importantly, with our collections you can ensure that every corner of your home is properly illuminated. As we've seen, traditional floor lamps are ideal for lighting coffee tables, armchairs and studies, but they aren't the only option in our lighting selection.


If you require a smaller light for desk work and computing, we also offer a variety of table lamp styles. Attach a designer lamp to your desk or wall, and you'll be able to work in comfort while adding a stylish touch to your study. Alternatively, our shelf floor lamp designs are a compact alternative to standard floor lamps. And Hollywood-style projector lamps are even part of the mix. So browse all of the options on offer. You'll soon have the perfect lighting arrangement.