• Photo with clear glass 06-Jet 4
Photo with clear glass 06-Jet 4

Photo with clear glass 06-Jet 4

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Frame wood and glass with

LED,  an Airplane landing.


Ref: Photo 06-Jet 4.


Reference: Photo 06-Jet 4
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Photo with clear glass 06-Jet 4

The perspective of the NIGHT LANDING image is impressively realistic. The photograph is printed on plexiglas, with inlaid LED lights on the plane's wings and runway. The image takes us on a journey every evening to the luxury destination of our choice. A NIGHT LANDING in Bali, the next one in Africa and perhaps later a stop off in one of the Nordic countries... This photo takes us to wherever the fantasy takes us, inspiring us to dream of flying in style on a private jet. It is a perfect piece for an office space or even a hallway and captures the imagination with its sparkling LED lights.