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The first recorded sofa dates back to ancient Egypt, ensconcing itself among the hearts and minds of generations of luminaries and comfort of all kinds. It has gone through a number of evolutions and reimaginings throughout that time and the very peak of the craft of sofa design and development is to be found right here in the Pacific Compagnie collection.

The aim of the selection is to offer a reclining experience to suit every kind of decorator and homeowner, with a wide variety of styles and materials on display. Only the most pre-imminent and insightful designers are chosen for the collection, rendering unique, modern or classically styled creations in a range of themes and integrating a myriad of philosophies of design into each one. Both outdoor and indoor needs are catered, where exterior designs walk the line beautifully between longevity and practically on one side and beauty and ingenuity on the other.

Meanwhile, interior designs maintain their ability to subvert expectations and yet provide something that feels familiar and welcoming. Relax into the safe and competent hands of design houses such as Javier Mariscal, Summerland and Slim Line and take your home suite on a journey through the many machinations of the modern sofa.

A reverence for the aesthetic blended with an eye for the fuctional

Functionality is at the heart of any sensible choice of sofa and luckily, the options abound. Deeply cushioned family-seaters look just right when it comes to the movie night in, while double seaters make for a romantic setting in either the front room or equally in amongst the fireflies and moonlight of the back garden at night. Even those who like to lounge with maximum decadence near a pool will find something that not only fits the bill in terms of seating but also cascades a suitable level of style over the already existing décor of the home or exterior areas. These stylistic themes range from the classical homeliness of a vintage sofa made from a teak wooden structure tastefully bedecked with darkly coloured cushions, to the minimalist impact of molded aluminum frame modern sofas coated in durable black paint and offset with deep, white cushions. A leather sofa is a great choice for those who want to centre a living room decor with something that has panache and a sense of the upscale penthouse to it. Whichever kind of luxury sofa hits the right pitch of comfort and beauty for your sensibilities, you’ll find it nestled snugly amongst the wide range of artistically rendered seating available on Pacific Compagnie.

The elemental and the experimental joined in one collection

The design philosophies that help to shape the sofa creations found here range from those that seek to hone in on the most profound expression of design fundamentals, to those that aim to experiment with the boundaries of existing design. Therefore, one can find black, brown and white sofas created with a traditional form with subtle twists that transform the whole into something that manages to slip seamlessly into a classic décor and yet still draw the eye. Simultaneously, expect to see daring creations such as single piece resin moulds in a pure and eye-catching white that are sure to steal the show. The collection leans towards a lightweight application of materials that hold up in terms of durable structure. Examples include finely woven wickers, durable stainless steel and light and finished teak. The application of fabric is detailed and purposeful, with the likes of handwoven polyethylen and waterproof coverings employed. Choose something utterly inventive and seamlessly foundational for your next sofa experience and enjoy the wide range of design-house and low armless chair created seating available on Pacific Compagnie.