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Drugeot Labo

Drugeot Labo

Both the great-grandfather and the grandfather were coopers, producing barrels for the cider made by the region's farmers. Jean-Louis Rochepeau, the father of the current directors, began by making wooden objects, alone in his workshop by a stream, the Drugeot. In 1969, he founded Les Ateliers du Drugeot. Supported by a team of cabinetmaker companions, he developed a range of occasional furniture made of solid oak and cherry whose quality is recognised by furniture professionals. The workshop is organised on semi-industrial lines to control costs, quality and deadlines. Manual work rubs shoulders with computer-controlled machining, with respect for traditional production complementing modernity. Since 2009, Drugeot Labo has been a member of the Ateliers d'Art de France, guaranteeing respect for three criteria: French production; mastery of craft techniques and skills; and creativity and the quality of the pieces produced.


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Born amongst the apple trees of Upper Anjou and taking its name from the river that ran alongside the original workshop, the Drugeot brand has gone through many incarnations and evolved and developed its unique style continually throughout its existence. With a legacy that stretches back through generations of master woodworkers, its current form as Drugeot Labo combines the best qualities of timber artisanry with contemporary sensibilities of form and function. Continually maintained and reinvigorated by the Rochepeau family of craftsman and designers, the brand now sits at the forefront of a new wave of experimental French wooden furniture. The company is also home to an impressive collection of prominent designers who take inspiration from everything from naturally occurring forms to minimalist expression. While there are a wide variety of creative styles on display within the Drugeot collection, the brand is distinguished by a focus of lean, simple design combined with unexpected details and flourishes when it comes to both form and function. The latest incarnation of the company aims to blend the ancient expertise of its long and storied history with the modern and diverse creative mindsets of its stable of designers.

An understanding of detail and quality

As a manufacturer Drugeot Labo prides itself on being a home-grown enterprise. Almost the entirety of their manufacturing infrastructure comes courtesy of local businesses and suppliers, while the oak, ash and beech that dominate the material structure of their creations is sourced from forest within France. The result is a product that is infused with a spirit of French flair with a local feel that is also grounded in a respect for the environment in which it is created. All offcuts are recycled or reused so that no tree is felled needlessly.

The French style of modern luxury furniture

Holding position as one of the bright lights of modern experimental French furniture design, Drugeot Labo offers a quirky combination of age-old and cutting-edge manufacturing and development techniques. Inside the workshop one finds a curious blend of manual techniques mixed with computer aided design. The company's ethos is built around the idea that modern furniture creation should be a process in which both old and new work together and complement each other. As a result, within the Drugeot collection, expect to find a due reverence for solid and dependable jointing and a polished reveal of the wood’s natural beauty which then draws a contrast with the often times eye-bending design of wooden shelves, design coffee tables and luxury coffee tables, desks and more.