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Imagine some of the ways that you could transform your favourite rooms or outdoor spaces with rectangular tables. Longer than a square table, more angular than a round table, yet still one of the most versatile options, a modern rectangular coffee table is an investment you won't regret. While the word 'table' stemmed from the Latin word 'tabula', it was actually the Ancient Egyptians who first used crude versions of the much-loved piece of furniture we know today. These early prototypes were primarily used for storage, seating or as footstools.

The Ancient Romans and Greeks knew a thing or two about entertaining and they were the first to use rectangular tables for leisure. Known for their love of luxury and opulence, the Greeks and Romans chose fine materials and a rectangular marble coffee table was a common sight. Fast forward to the 21st century and luxury rectangular tables are still as popular. Explore the current Pacific Compagnie collection to discover the modern rectangular coffee table that fits your style and needs or, find other outdoor coffee tables in our full range of Outdoor Furniture.


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Rectangular coffee tables: our products

At Pacific Compagnie, you'll discover modern rectangular coffee tables to suit everyone. Whether you prefer subtle and sophisticated styles and colours or whether you lean towards the dramatic, our collection has been carefully selected to inspire you. Black white and brown rectangular tables are always popular thanks to their ability to enhance any type of décor or setting. However, a rectangular marble coffee table is just as versatile, and these clever pieces are a great solution if you like a touch of glamour. People do tend to choose a modern rectangular coffee table with an eye on its shape. Place one in front of a large sofa or modular corner sofa, for example, and the entire space takes on a whole new meaning. No longer is that corner of the terrace just an out of the way place to sit, it's a gathering place for your family and friends. Smaller rectangular tables are so handy when placed between sun loungers. Not only do you now have somewhere to set down your drinks, sunglasses, sunscreen, book and phone, but there is also still room for your towel at the end. These clever pieces of furniture look great on their own, in groups or in pairs, allowing you to be as creative with placement as you wish.

Our marble, wood and metal rectangular coffee tables

If you adore timeless design features but want a piece of furniture with a dash of classic glamour, the beautifully put-together INOUT-12 rectangular marble coffee table may appeal to you. Its elegant base and top are crafted from teak and it features a striking recessed top in either Carrara marble or Carniglia stone. Or, why not take a look at some of our wood rectangular tables? A teak frame adds strength and luxury to the SIENA large modern rectangular coffee table by Manutti. Its pleasing dimensions make coffee mornings with your friends a joy, and it can be converted to a relaxing footstool when you're alone. A white LLDPE resin table such as those in the JUT collection is always eye-catching or you may want a dramatic piece like the ANTIQUE BAMBOO with its stainless steel frame, polished glass top and exquisite antique-style black bamboo edge. Don't just imagine it, you can take a closer look at these and other outdoor rectangular coffee tables at Pacific Compagnie right now.