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Living room lamps: our products

The perfect living room lamp doesn't just provide light, it injects warmth and flair into the very heart of your home. Whether you want to make a statement or add a subtle visual accent, Pacific Compagnie has pieces suitable for a broad range of contemporary and period interiors. Many are carefully crafted to grace tables, sideboards and consoles, and we have taller free-standing models too. Diverse influences go into the design of the living room lamps in our collection.

If you're a connoisseur of Art Nouveau, then you're sure to appreciate the use of sinuous organic forms such as flowers and foliage in a number of our lamps. Alternatively, if you're decorating your living room in the Art Deco style, we have pieces in gleaming nickel which authentically capture the era's fondness for punchy, geometric silhouettes. In addition, you'll find entertainingly flamboyant theatrical designs such as the Extruder lamp (influenced by Shakespeare's Hamlet) whose base features a life-like human skull. There are even lamps incorporating costume jewellery for those who love sparkles and lustres.

Our designs for antique and modern lamps

Pacific Compagnie designers aren't afraid to reach back into the distant past for inspiration and choice of materials.

For example, you'll see tin lamps with timeless, Islamic-style handles, plus pieces with classical motifs such as lion's heads. Hand-hammered metals treated with antique finishes add to the feeling that you truly are in the presence of an ancient living room lamp with many a story to tell.

Meanwhile pieces like the Cologne exude an aura of eighteenth century elegance, with its velvet shade and its slim, baluster-shaped brass support – just the thing to brighten up a corner of a small Georgian town house. At the same time, the collection has no lack of modern living room lamps in tune with a pared back contemporary aesthetic. A clean, minimalist living room would make the ideal backdrop for designs such as the Obelisk, a polished shard of crystal mounted on a nickel base and illuminated with LEDs.

Explore all of our other table lamps

Who would believe a simple table lamp could come in so many different styles? The Pacific Compagnie collection aims to supply pieces for a wide variety of decorative schemes.

For a living room furnished in entirely neutral tones, we would recommend designs like the Halston, with its cream ceramic base and its quilted lampshade for a touch of texture. To bring a slight hint of colour, you might try the Warwick, whose large pastel shade casts a soothing radiance by night, while its transparent crystal base makes a light, airy impression by day.

On the other hand, if you like to use contrasting elements in your design scheme, we have table lamps which deliver a strong graphic impact by combining gleaming metal bases with black shades (or black bases with white shades, as in the Balfour). Or if you're looking for a quirky, unique addition to a funky, eclectic living room, then you've come to the right place too. You have only to cast your eye over our playfully kitsch Antler lamp or our highly sculptural Twilight Shell lamp to know that our collection is bursting with imagination.