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Relaxing chairs: Our products

Relaxation is a serious business, so why not choose a comfortable, attractive armchair where you can recharge your batteries? Every home needs a few outdoor chairs that are designed to relax, and at Pacific Compagnie, we provide a huge selection of options. From leather relaxing chairs to plastic armchair designs, you'll find no shortage of inspiration among our premium designs.

What makes a great chair for relaxation? Well, that depends on your personal tastes. Some of our chairs have been created with comfort at the top of their priorities. Featuring luxurious cushions and sculpted lines which are made to suit tired bodies, these chairs will always be a welcoming place to crash out after a long working day. Durability matters too, particularly when the weather is unreliable. So we've taken care to include chairs which will last for years.

But that's not all we have to offer. The beauty of the Pacific Compagnie collection of indoor and outdoor modern armchairs is the way they fuse practical comfort with sheer aesthetic quality. These chairs aren't just a comfy addition to your outdoor spaces. They are beautiful, too - and would grace anyone's meticulously assembled furniture collection. So have a look around and make a shortlist of possibilities - there's so much to discover.

Modern, rustic, antique and designer chairs

Our selection of chairs for relaxing includes a huge array of styles and ideas, making it easy to choose seating which perfectly suits your home design.

For example, if you've carefully created a modern design for your garden, you're in luck. Our portfolio includes models from brands like Belle Nature which use gorgeous natural teak and stainless steel to create a sleek, contemporary look. Or you might go for pure white creations from designers like Ramon Esteve which feature daring geometric shapes and have a futuristic look.

Alternatively, there are plenty of chairs here for fans of rustic styles. Many chairs in the Pacific Compagnie range are crafted from natural fibres like rattan and would look fantastic in outdoor spaces which rely heavily on hardwoods. And they can also be positioned among greenery in conservatories or used as indoor furniture as well.

Have a look around and you'll encounter something which catches your eye. When you do, don't feel limited to standard designs. Our partners include some of the world's most talented furniture designers, who aren't afraid to incorporate unorthodox ideas into the armchair format. Of course, if you just want a cleverly designed spin on conventional leather relaxing chairs, we've got that covered too. There's an outdoor chair for everyone in the Pacific Compagnie collection.

Find your style and inspiration

With so much choice available for customers, it couldn't be easier to find a relaxing chair which suits your individual tastes and the needs of your home. You can show off your interests in the latest contemporary designers, maintain consistency with a rustic design, or create cool, laid-back outdoor environments with two tone black and white pieces. Just let your imagination direct you towards the ideal furniture.

These outdoor modern armchairs and plastic armchair models for the home are far from alone in the Pacific Compagnie catalogue. If you need to furnish a new property or you're renovating your outdoor collection, be sure to browse our other products as well. From sun loungers and dining tables to benches, hammocks and mini-bars, we can help you assemble the furniture you require to enjoy your garden or patio to the full.