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A square modern coffee table is an ideal option if you're looking for a fast way to update a room or outdoor space. Elegant, practical and portable, you can place your preferred table where you wish yet you can easily move it to accommodate the needs of your guests. At Pacific Compagnie, you'll discover luxury square modern tables with eye-catching details alongside sleek tables that complement any style of décor. Many of our square modern coffee tables can double as footstools or extra seating, while others come with handy shelves or built-in storage space.

Others combine contemporary craftsmanship and premium materials with classic or vintage style - a square marble coffee table, for example. Perhaps you'd like a piece of furniture that can withstand the elements - exploreY our extensive range of outdoor coffee tables and make your patio or pool area the welcoming space you've always wanted. Just imagine relaxing in the sunshine with a cool drink and a book beside you on a square modern coffee table.

Or, consider how a beautifully made piece might be a welcome addition in your lounge, bedroom or hall. Indoors or out, a luxury square coffee table is always an asset and you're sure to be inspired when you browse our current collections of indoor and Outdoor Furniture.

Square coffee tables: our products

Try placing a square modern coffee table between sun loungers on your patio or at each end of a designer sofa in your lounge. With colours and styles to suit all preferences, you can afford to let your creative side take over. Select a luxury square modern coffee table from the Pacific Compagnie collection and you're assured of a piece that is durable and practical as well as beautiful to look at. Choose larger coffee tables for more spacious rooms or outdoor areas or consider sleek designs when you want to fill a corner or alcove. Make any space more attractive with a striking square marble coffee table or pick high-quality wood or metal tables for outdoors. You can use tables singly as eye-catching additions to your favourite chairs or outdoor sofas or try pairs or groups for added impact. For example, you might enjoy having a modern square coffee table between each sun lounger or deckchair by the pool. Or, you could put other outdoor coffee tables in shady parts of the garden or near console tables and dining tables to give you more space for entertaining.

Our marble, wood and metal square coffee tables

Square modern tables are made from materials such as wood, metal, marble, woven polyethylene and braided resin. With options that include sophisticated shades like grey or tables with vibrant details in bright colours, it has never been easier to select furniture that reflects your style and personality. Black, brown and white are also among the most popular colour choices. Try exceptional pieces like the black and gold SENA square marble coffee table if you're after a glamorous look. Or, consider wooden square coffee tables that combine warmth with elegance such as the gorgeous Inout-11 or Inout-13 by Paola Navone. Made from high-quality teak, these beautiful tables feature a chic recessed top in either Carniglia stone or luxurious Carrara marble. Perhaps you'll be inspired by some of our other square outdoor coffee tables like those in the JUT or VELA collections by Studio Vondom. Fashioned from pristine white resin or available in several finishes, they're both lightweight and weather resistant. Take a closer look at our full range of outdoor and Indoor Furniture to see just how effectively square coffee tables can liven up all your favourite spaces.