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It’s said that the chair evolved as an alternative to the various logs and rocks that early man used to rest upon. Since those ancient beginnings, the chair has become a firm fixture of the home interior, has evolved through many forms and has now made its way back out into the open. The myriad of designs available in the Pacific Compagnie collection of luxury outdoor chairs pays tribute to just how much can be done with such a simple concept. The essence of the chair has eluded even the great philosophers of ancient Greece. A chair has four legs, they ventured, and yet here you can find legless variations such as stylish one-piece rocking chair formed from fast drying foam cushion. A chair must have a back, they said. Yet here can be found stylish stackable chairs with supportive rests that play with negative space to such a degree that they can hardly be said to be there at all. As each successive generation of designers has sought to solidify the characteristics of the chair, a new forefront of design has continually been breached by the new breed.

Our selection of design pieces represents the cutting-edge of modern and traditional furniture design, from folding outdoor chairs to luxury deckchairs, and everything in between. The aim of each is to satisfy a need, a desire, an empty space in such a way as to make it seem as if the design was tailored for that very requirement. In each creation, shape and style are given due reverence and yet experimented with, often in subtle ways that leave one effected and yet unsure of the degree of change. Material selection and combination is also a source of new aesthetic, with daring combinations such as teak and stainless steel to more traditional mixtures such as fabric and aluminum.

Choose the chair the meets the needs and brings the joy

At Pacific Compagnie, we strongly believe there is a chair for every occasion. Outdoor vintage chairs make an ideal choice for a rustic location overlooking a verdant landscape, somewhere to park the family for a cool drink at the end of joyful day. If you are looking to offset expectations and move away from the rural, metal outdoor chairs such as the aluminum structure chair by INOUT 233 are an ideal way to create juxtaposition in a green area. Plastic outdoor chairs don’t have to mean a compromise in quality or aesthetic, with the Chalk Seashell stackable dining chair serving as a great reminder that this moldable material can lend itself to great beauty and versatility. Throughout all of these permutations runs the essential aim of offering ease and relaxation with the proper application of comfortable outdoor chairs.

No stone unturned, no design frontier left unexplored

The design style of our outdoor chair selection is as varied as the designers who have contributed to it. In one, you’ll find the clean lines and simple structures of modernist chic, while elsewhere you can engage with the tapered angles and interrupted planes of Art Nouveau. Each piece is a complex blend of high-quality materials, integrated and constructed by experienced artisans with a passion for a flawless finish. No detail is left without consideration, resulting in a series of chairs that satisfies on a number of different fronts, offering a bespoke look combined with durability, elegance and ease of use. Pair your chair set with a suitable dining table from our outdoor tables and prepare to take the experience of the living room back out into the outdoors and trade your ceiling in for something grander.