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Prepare to add elegance and challenge the vertical aspect of your décor with high tables and standing tables from top design houses from around the world. The high table or standing table has a rich and gloried history that has seen it become a favorite of some of the world’s most esteemed thinkers and doers. Da Vinci is said to have theorized on his feet at a high desk about the world and its machinations, Virginia Wolf committed her thoughts to the page while standing at one and photos prove that many of Winston Churchill's most resonant and inspiring speech were drafted on a table that stood waist high or taller. That said, while all of these luminaries preferred to work on their feet, there is nothing to say one can’t pair the exceptional range of high tables in the Pacific Compagnie collection with a set of tall chairs to create something of airborne experience when it comes to drinks or dining. In recent years, the high or standing table has become a new but increasingly popular fixture in the dining experience. A high dining room table offers a new kind of active dining aspect to a living room or dining area but also adds something unexpected to a kitchen layout. A great addition to fluid spaces where movement is a constant, the high table skirts the line between comfort and function, an ethos that is especially visible in the multitude of reimaginings on offer at Pacific Compagnie. The versatility of the standing table has meant it has begun to make its way outdoors and our collection of outdoor high tables offers an opportunity to bring some of that upward mobility to your garden and outdoor spaces.

Make your next outdoor engagement a stand out experience

When choosing outdoor high dining tables, it’s important to make a decision concerning the type of dining experience you want to deliver. The ‘stand and eat’ experience is a great choice if you regularly give host to garden parties or have many friends over for an active get-together. Outdoor modern high tables invite interaction by offering the subtlest of enticements to engage. Simply come and stand close, they say. This makes them a natural and easy gathering point for your guests, somewhere to mingle, sample a delicacy and move on. But maybe you want something more settled? Match an outdoor modern dining table with one or more choice from our modern outdoor chair's selection, such as a set of tall outdoor deck chairs, and you have yourself a seated experience that remains more than a little active.

Modern and traditional techniques synthesized into singular designs

The high table selection on Pacific Compagnie utilizes a variety of different materials and styles to great effect. Outdoor vintage high tables offer something of the quiet summer days of an English shire to proceedings, while modern dining tables atop long elegant stilts blend a sense of 70’s chic with the benefits of modern craftsmanship and durable materials. Form is also experimental with wing shaped and tapered items a part of the collection also. Whether it is retro chic or something a little more classically styled, each one is intended to match the bespoke characteristics of a personalized décor solution and slot neatly into the surrounding environments of your home outdoor areas. We invite you to browse the selection of outdoor high dining tables from Pacific Compagnie and find the standing or high-seated experience that speaks to you, or you can contact us directly from more information on the availability of each item and outdoor furniture in the collection.