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You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that footrests can be used in so many ways. They're the ideal choice for the office or indoor study and an essential addition to that comfortable armchair. Sturdy and padded or sleek and slim, we have footrests to complement all your indoor and outdoor seating arrangements at Pacific Compagnie. With so many innovative modern designs by some of the world's most prestigious brands to choose from, it's easy to get the idea that the humble footstool or footrest is a recent invention. In fact, these useful pieces can trace their roots to Ancient Egypt when they were used as a step up to higher chairs and then as a handy support for dangling feet. However, it was between the 17th and 19th centuries that the footstool really came into its own. In the US, even if your living quarters were cramped, you'd make room for that precious essential. By the 18th century, many families owned longer rests called fenders which were placed in front of the fireplace for everyone to share. Today, they tend to be designed for either function or comfort, although many modern styles are a combination of both. A footrest for desk use acts as a support when you're sitting in an office chair that leaves your feet slightly off the floor, while items like the folding chair with footrest or modular footstool often happen to land firmly in the comfort zone. They're also the ideal accompaniment to poolside and veranda seating arrangements like modular sofas, for example, and you can find out more on our Outdoor Furniture page.

Footrests: our products

There are so many instances where a footrest can make a difference. Feel as if something's missing by the pool? Want somewhere inviting to relax in the evening? Use elegant glass-topped footstools that can double as side tables by the pool or on the patio or add a comfy padded footrest to some of your favourite armchairs.  Choose slim anodised aluminium footstools that can be easily stashed away if you're short of outdoor space or go for all-out glamour with large modular stools with exciting features like braided resin detailing or carrying handles. Kids love using these clever pieces as stools as well as a step up and most can be used as coffee tables when you need extra space for snacks, drinks, or books and magazines. Armchairs are so much better when you add a comfortable rest with a padded top. Imagine relaxing after a hectic day, feet and legs supported as you're comfortable ensconced in your chair. And, with lots of great styles to choose from at Pacific Compagnie, you're able to experiment with shapes, sizes, colours, materials and textures.

Discover our modern, design and luxury footrests

Whether you want to adapt a side table for footrest use or whether you want an eye-catching standalone piece, you'll find a host of great options at Pacific Compagnie. Discover our modern, design and luxury footrests at your leisure and choose colours and finishes that fit your lifestyle. Powder coated aluminium, durable braided resin, brushed stainless steel and polished fibreglass are just a few possibilities. Select footstools with glass tops to make any space look more glamorous or try adding optional cushions or pads for extra comfort. With colours such as anthracite, bronze, and classic white to choose from, it's easy to make a splash by the pool or add a dash of designer chic to your lounge or conservatory.  Why not try beautiful circular footrests that combine traditional-style woven bases with colourful aluminium tops? These smart pieces can be used as side tables and all fibres are obtained from sustainable sources.  Square, rectangular or round, large and made for sharing, or petite and easy to place, the choice is yours.  Browse Pacific Compagnie's inspired collection of luxury furniture to find the footrest that's perfect for you.