Unusual decorative ideas to enjoy with Pacific Compagnie

Publié le : 04/03/2019 15:38:58

Interior and exterior decoration offers up a number of challenges to both the experienced and amateur enthusiasts alike. Chief among them is the challenge of enacting innovative ideas in a way that still shows due respect to the great designs and classic styles that have gone before. Pacific Compagnie offers decorators and home owners an invaluable resource when it comes to choosing furniture design, allowing them to choose items to express a new kind of individuality in their indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are just of few of the many ways in which our furniture can inspire unusual decoration ideas for around the home.

Enhance the gateway to your home

The entry way to your home can take a number of different forms. Possibilities range from a grand foyer to a small hallway. However, you’ll want to make an impression from the get-go and this vital space is the place to begin. A small and finely worked table on the side as you enter can be a great way to begin and adds some functional table top real estate as well. Another tip is to add a little artwork to impose a little of your personality and taste on the area. For something tres chic, try hanging one or two pieces and lean some other pieces against the wall under or next to the console. If done right, this adds a little of the art gallery feel to your home, making it look elegant and lived-in at the same time. Pacific Compagnie offers both a range of suitable side tables as well as a selection of affecting artwork to get your started.

Make more of your living room, whatever the size

In many modern homes, the living room has seen its role diminish along with the real estate dedicated to it. However, you can still make a great deal out of even a small living room. While large standing dining tables are becoming something of thing of the past, you can circumvent this problem and still experience the grandiosity of an old-school dinner party with a suitably chosen extendable luxury table. Choosing the right sofa is also must. Why not opt for a sectional sofa that is adapted to lean against the wall and thereby maximize the use of space?

Bring the outdoors inside

All of your interior greens don’t have to be synthetic. A hanging plant in the kitchen can change the entire aspect of the room, creating a sense of sunshine even where direct sunlight is not an abundant resource. If you have large-sized spaces as part of your interior, large flowering plants in weighty pots can add a certain amount of gravitas if you manage to keep it in theme with the established décor.

Exterior enhancements

When it comes to exterior spaces such as the back garden, we believe in adding a little interior comfort whilst also taking advantage of the natural roominess of the outdoors. A great way to add focus to your garden is with a centerpiece. This can range from an exceptional sculpture or art piece, of which you can find many right here on Pacific Compagnie, to something a little more rural. Why not opt for some decorative outdoor benches paired with an original outdoor table? This starts things off in a functional way and you can add features such as table centerpieces and outdoor cushions at a later date.

Make something that is uniquely yours

Ultimately, your home is a reflection of your story. At Pacific Compagnie, we offer a wide range of items that aim to take design off the beaten track. Browse our website today to garner a little inspiration and start planning a new decorative adventure for your home.