Our best decoration tips with interior chairs

Publié le : 02/15/2019 10:20:06

At Pacific Compagnie, the French luxury furniture brand, you'll discover some of the best modern wood chairs, vintage modular sofas or designer leather chairs for interior use. But, how can you make them work to their best advantage? We've come up with some handy tips to help you create glamorous but inviting seating plans that highlight your sense of style.

The first thing to keep in mind when creating indoor layouts is the room's dimensions. For example, if you have a generously sized room you can get away with large modular sofas and a few chairs or seating groups. However, if you choose furniture that is too small for the room it will look out of proportion and less inviting and appealing. Similarly, in smaller spaces, compact pieces like modern wood chairs work well but, if you add a large corner sofa you will swamp the room end up with a space that's cramped and unappealing.

Think about how your preferred chairs will look with your décor. While most of our chairs look sensational with classic or modern interiors, you might have a particular look in mind. If you're aiming for a fresh, modern atmosphere, for example, you could leave walls white and add a dash of colour with key pieces such as one of the fun NUMBERS wooden chairs from Pacific Compagnie. It's worth noting that light colours make rooms feel more spacious yet dark colours make them look smaller. You can make rooms feel more spacious with well-chosen furniture. White or beige leather designer chairs look fabulous against a richly-hued background, for example, and you can team them with matching coffee tables or bedside tables to increase their impact.

Choose stylish pieces from our interior chair collection

Perhaps you're looking for wooden chairs for a child's room. Upholstered chairs and bucket styles such as the KINDLY chair are cosy and comforting. Older kids and teenagers might appreciate the classic lines of director style chairs like the elegant HILTON chair or the BAMBOO leather chair. Be sure to place your chairs well. Try to avoid direct sunlight since it can fade elegant upholstery. Instead, choose a corner that still gets enough natural light for reading or add a desk if you have the space.

Our modern wood chairs are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms. Team matching chairs with a polished wood or glass dining table and prepare to enjoy memorable meals with your family and friends. If space is an issue, you can still have the dining area you dream of. Simply choose a small or round table and pick simple chairs that are elegant but not overpowering.

It's easy to find great interior chairs and sofas for lounges and larger rooms at Pacific Compagnie too. Think prestigious materials like premium hardwoods, glossy leather and gleaming stainless steel or metal. Of course, no lounge is complete without a sofa and modular sofas allow you to ring the changes according to your mood or the occasion. Try curvy modular sofas if you'd like to channel the 60s or opt for sophisticated pieces such as the BALTUS with its wood and metal feet and removable covers if you prefer a chic sofa that's easy to care for. Place larger sofas against the wall or create an island seating unit with a pair if you have the space. Pick small modular sofas for cosier rooms and add a chair or two in strategic spots like by the fireplace or at the window.

Be creative with colourful designer indoor chairs

All the interior chairs at Pacific Compagnie have been designed with care and attention to detail. Each piece is beautifully finished and ready to be enjoyed by you and your family. However, that doesn't mean that you can't adapt our sofas and chairs to your personal tastes. Add plump cushions or an exquisite throw to a vintage modular sofa to add colour and interest or jazz up a modern wood chair with a padded seat cover.

Looking for indoor chairs that can be used outdoors occasionally? Choose durable materials that can withstand a little weather such as the bold and bright MULTIPL'S in tough iron or the light and portable ZIG ZAG with its sturdy polycarbonate shell. Place chairs around an outdoor table in shady places on the patio or arrange near the pool before inviting your friends over for an al fresco supper. Once you've eaten and cleared away, they can help you move your stylish metal and wooden chairs back indoors out of harm's way.      


Some chairs are more than simply seats. Glamorous pieces that are as much art as furniture like the velvet and mahogany PALMA RIGHT or the glorious ash wood HUMAN chair deserve to be noticed. Choose a spot that's in your line of sight as you walk through the door and pick elegant accessories like a coffee table and spotlight lamp or a mirror to accentuate your stunning new piece from French designer brand Pacific Compagnie.