How to organise an eclectic interior decor

Publié le : 11/29/2018 17:10:43

When thinking of tailoring a home to reflect their own personalities and taste, many homeowners reach for the eclectic style of home décor. This décor style seeks to blend contrasting and various styles and colours together to make one cohesive but bespoke interior. However, it can be hard to get this most enigmatic of styles correct and what often results is a hodge-podge of ideas that is neither one thing nor the other, and certainly not something that reflects the true character and spirit of the home owner. With this in mind, we are going to give you a few guidelines that will help bring the many seemingly chaotic elements of an eclectic décor into one cohesive whole.

Ground things in a simple colour scheme

When it comes to choosing colours, we recommend you keep things restricted to one or two tonal schemes or a reserved palette of lighter colours. This is particularly true if you are planning to get seriously eclectic with your choice of furniture and decor accessories, as the cohesive colour scheme will help to tie the disparate elements together.

Eclectic doesn’t mean disorganized

While an eclectic decor should undoubtedly aim to contrast unusual and surprising styles to good effect, each selection and placement in the room should be done with care and purpose. Items should resonate with each other and create a flow, avoiding a messy and cluttered effect. The more items you intend to place within a room the more effort you will need to put into planning and careful positioning. While your room should reflect your personal taste, it can be helpful to get a second perspective when elements feel like they are piling up.

Contrast your furniture styles

There are many ways to create contrasting themes and you should aim to blend two or three at the most to avoid a chaotic look. One good way to organize your themes is by era. Try pairing some modern colour resin chair designs with an Art Deco coffee table, or place a Victorian era grand mirror behind some chic table lamp desk lights. Your choice of era will of course depend on your personal preferences but if you can get the combination right it will inject a huge amount of life into your décor scheme.

Coat the walls with your favourite art

A home art gallery wall is always a fun thing to create and will blend more seamlessly with an eclectic décor style that almost any other. Feel free to get creative with your choice of art and aim to create as many contrasts as you feel is appropriate, from Picasso to Warhol. Don’t forget about the choice of frames as this too can help to boost the credentials and impact of your eclectic style.

Create a focal point with a statement piece

While a good eclectically styled room should combine a number of styles and aim to subvert conventional expectations, this doesn’t mean that your layout should lack focus. Doing so can risk overwhelming or confusing the eye and overstepping that subtle eclectic lines that stands before the realm of the needlessly chaotic. A statement piece can be a particularly potent piece of art or something more 3-dimensional, such as an ornamental animal or a fireplace installation. This bold piece will serve to give the room a focal point and join other elements together. However, you shouldn’t include more the one or two in any single room as this can serve to confuse the layout and ruin the effect.

Keep it personal

While the above guidelines should be considered before you launch into your eclectic adventure, we encourage you to keep in mind that they are just that: guidelines. Ultimately, the core of a successful eclectic layout is that it represents a truly personal space, one that is unlike anything you will find in other homes or in décor catalogues. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and make up some of your own when you think it is appropriate. The beauty of an eclectic interior décor style is that it is one that you can continue to enhance by adding your own personal discoveries down through the years. Have fun!