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Riva 1920

Riva 1920

Riva 1920

Riva 1920 represents the quintessential style of Italian tradition and style. The brand began its story in Lombardy back in 1920, when Nino Romano set up his family workshop in the heart of Brianza in order to create furniture from classically styled solid wood. The furniture created came to stand as a signature style for traditional luxury furniture, created as it was with a reverence for the generations of Brianza-based artisans and their wealth of experience and technique. Indeed the entire area of Brianza has come to be knowns as a repository of traditional woodworking technique. The RIVA 1920 mission was continued when Maurizio and Davide followed their father into the carpentry tradition and began their journey designing and crafting new creations on the ground floor of the original workshop.

The ethics of beautiful Italian design

Riva 1920 has continued to innovate and expand its range and reach while also maintaining a strong and consistent stance on maintaining and sustaining the environment for future generations. They find their high-grade timber from a combination of reforestation and reuse-backed resources. Thanks to their long legacy in the industry and their collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned designers, the brand has managed to forge an identity as a company that cares about the ‘made in Italy’ tradition as well as the land that gives birth to each creation. Tradition, innovation and excellence stands as the three hallmarks that prop up the team’s design philosophy which first came to major international prominence and acclaim with a presentation at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan back in 1992. Now known globally as one of the finest producers of Italian luxury furniture, RIVA 1920 continues to sustain its relevance by seeking to blend the technological advances in the industry with a respect for the age-old values and techniques that where first formed in Nino Romano’s workshop all those years ago.

A design journey wooden form becomes fluid

An ability to mold and manipulate even solid woods stands at the heart of the RIVA 1920’s collection. The designer’s aim to stagger the eye with the fluid and fluent way in which the timber can be shaped. An armchair made from a single flowing block of cedar stands in one corner, while a pillared walnut wood stool in another slowly reveals that it too is forged from one jointless structure. Each piece has the almost magical ability to express homeliness and grandiosity in one simple item of furniture, the coziness gifted by the natural beauty of the wood and simplicity of the design matched with the grandiosity arising from the sheer level of craft that is expressed in every piece. This entire collection of Italian natural wood furniture is available in Paris at Pacific-Compagnie, Avenue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. To find the more about a furniture product in our RIVA 1920 showroom, contact us at


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