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Luxury for la dolce vita and the elements of a cozy atmosphere: these are the principles that stand at the heart of the Rugiano brand, a style icon of contemporary furniture where each avenue of elegant luxury is explored. Opening with an originality of design that has given the brand its prominent position in the design firmament, Rugiano designers also focus on choice of material and a sophistication when it comes to finishes in order to achieve a piece that is unmistakably Rugiano. Made with the essence of Italian chic poured into each one, it is difficult not to become captivated by the charms of a collection rendered by expert Italian craftsmen and artisans all united with the aim of injecting a little decadence into the spaces of your home. Furniture items from the Rugiano Paris collection represent the achievement of a synthesis between a wide range of materials including metals, fabrics, beautiful timbers, marble, glass and even ceramics.


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Rugiano, the essence of Italian design

The wide range of items in the Rugiano collection represent a design ethos that is at once dedicated to precision craftsmanship while also playing with a kind of subverted symmetry. Lines and angles are often twisted in unexpected places, delivering a journey for the eye that is subtle enough to be one that is taken voluntarily. Each piece is designed to emphasize and integrate with the natural qualities of the room rather than dominating. Rugiano offers separate collections for both day and night, offering a range of sofas and tables that call out to the light, while also specializing in sumptuous beds that are created to entice you into an oasis of rest.

A masterclass when it comes to combining materials

Rugiano takes the subversions of expectations one step further by blending a myriad of different materials in a contrast that is both surprising and engaging. Twisted bronze is integrated with finely cut marble for an elegantly rendered console table, while elsewhere a minimalist sideboard design in given depth with polished lacquer over wood and leather that seals in a beautiful artwork. Everywhere within the Rugiano collection can be seen, at the very least, a subtle hint of this willingness to play, to experiment and innovative, all with the utmost dedication to quality. The entire Rugiano furniture collection is available in Paris at Pacific-Compagnie, Avenue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré . To find out more about Rugiano products in our showroom, contact us at