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Lighting is a fantastic way to create the right atmosphere and mood in your home or office. And with the right atmosphere, spaces are much more enjoyable places to spend time or socialise. So why not check out Pacific Compagnie's exceptional collection of design moodlight products and add some premium lighting to your home?

Moodlights are a particular type of light which does more than simply provides a source of light. These lights are designed to create just the right kind of ambience, producing a soft glow - often with the chance to change light levels with dimmers. But they have another important feature. Our modern moodlight products blend high-quality illumination with superb product design. So even when they aren't turned on, these lights look exquisite.


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  Moodlights: Our products

At Pacific Compagnie, we offer an impressive collection of moodlights, with options for classic and modern interiors alike. If you have a corner which needs a little more light, you need an elegant bedside light, or you want to entertain guests underneath high-quality lighting, we have options that will excite your imagination.

For starters, our moodlight range includes a variety of table lamb desk lights. Designed to be connected to mains electricity and placed on standard height desks, these lamps often come with surprising compositions. An example is our Ananas table lamp, which as the name suggests is shaped like a pineapple. Made from polished brass, this lamp comes in a range of colours, and adds a quirky, light-hearted touch to any desk space.

There are also table lamps which take a different approach, like the Loop lamp. In this case, the light has a flattened disc shape, with a rounded stainless steel lid and white base. Original and effective, lamps like this will draw the eye of visitors, while lighting your home in style.

However, table lamp desk lights aren't the only versions of moodlight on offer. If you need an attractive living room lamp which conjures up just the right atmosphere, we have a product for you. You'll find plenty of imaginative creations to choose from, such as the egg-shaped Uovo range of painted white metal lamps, or illuminated fibreglass options like our Ottoman lamps. 

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Lighting is an essential aspect of a successful interior design, so take some time to browse our moodlight collection and build the ideal portfolio of interior lights. 

Moreover, our collection isn't limited to interiors. We also feature a range of moodlights for outdoor spaces. Many of these outdoor moodlights are made from recycled polyethylene, and come moulded into elegant pyramid shapes. A few of them deployed around your garden would be a superb lighting solution for garden parties and other events.

Finally, be sure to check out our selection of even more creative lamps. Our design partners have come up with some inventive, fun, and extremely effective lighting creations. From egg-shaped table lamps formed from genuine seashell, to lacquered glass lamps moulded into the shape of actors' masks, or natural rattan lamps, a wealth of different moodlights are available from Pacific Compagnie. So match up your personal tastes with our collection and create the perfect mood for your home.