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Indoor lighting is an absolutely crucial part of any interior design, and when we light our homes the options are endless. Desk lamps make an excellent addition to almost any interior, and Pacific Compagnie offer a wide range of pieces for buyers to browse.

Our desk lamps come in a variety of sizes, but they all have some important things in common. They are almost always extremely versatile, with different ways to fix them to desks, tables or walls, as well as adjustable diffusers and arms. And they tend to be elegantly designed, blending advanced materials with beautiful aesthetic touches.

At Pacific Compagnie, we always seek to balance form and function - the hallmarks of great design. Our team of talented lighting designers has come up with some exceptional creations that will add to anyone's home.



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Desk lamps: Our products


We've gathered together a collection of atmospheric lighting options for desks and studies that will make it a pleasure to work or catch up with some reading. This includes a choice between large and small varieties, with extended lamps for larger desks, and compact options as well. So whether you need something to illuminate a large architect's table or just a light to supplement your bedroom lighting, a high-quality small or big product can be found at Pacific Compagnie.

Some models have fixed arms and large shades, and will represent a substantial presence on the tables of your home. But there are much more minimalist, slender varieties as well that will hardly be noticed when not in use. Many also come with easy to adjust hinged columns, making it simple to shed light precisely where it needs to go.

Choose a complex, impressive moodlight to add some class to your living room, or opt for something more practical. With Pacific Compagnie's collection of designer modern and vintage desk lamp models, you can assemble a stunning indoor lighting collection. So whatever style you love, there's sure to be something to order.


Explore our vintage, antique, small and modern desk lamps


If you want to add some historical charm to your living room or study, adding a vintage lamp from our collection could be ideal. We offer many antique desk lamp designs which take their inspiration from Victorian and Art Deco styles, but add their own unique creative input. Choose lamps with solid brass fixtures, green shades or oak elements, and harmonise your lighting with your wider home design.

Alternatively, you can bring things right up to date with our modern desk lamps. You might want to add an industrial-style lamp with adjustable bulb positions to your shopping basket, or go for a minimalist hinged design which can be fixed to the side of your desk. There are aluminium, nickel and stainless steel lamps to check out. All of them have a contemporary feel that would suit modern interiors and offices alike.

If you want to explore further, be sure to check out our other domestic lighting categories. We offer many different moodlight styles, with floor and table lamps both available to buy, along with hanging lamps and wall lamps. So whether you're furnishing an apartment from the start or renovating your existing home, our lighting products will include plenty of suitable options.