Saba products are defined by their distinctive features that make their interior furnishings unique. Their original, simple designs can be discovered in our store…

SABA, Italian modern furniture

For more than three decades, Saba Italia has maintained a dedication to a simple yet profound mission: to offer up beautiful and functional creations that enact a relaxed space within the home. The design philosophy of the brand in founded on principles of well-being, aiming to blend seamlessly with the home and infuse spaces with a new level of tranquility. One key to their success in achieving this is through a keen eye for details, with every millimeter taken into account and left in place with a purpose. The harmony that arises from this precision carries a unique potency that is visible in the impact of each Saba Italia item of furniture. The energy and enthusiasm evident in each creation has put the company at the forefront of sofa and furniture design in Italy and today they continue to push design boundaries by ceaselessly renewing their outlook on refined chic.

Saba Italia: the culture of the relaxing sofa

The undeniable impact of Saba Italia sofas is intended to help you centralize your interiors and create a new kind of flow within your home. Three decades of innovation have given birth to a series of collections that are each infused with an original and distinctive style. However, all are notable for a voluptuous use of curves and an inspired application of colour. Armchairs and chairs by Saba Italia seduce with their refined and restrained opulence and style. Each one is intended to offer a sumptuous seating experience in a chic and original way while remaining controlled and considered enough in their aesthetic to blend with existing decors. The Saba Italia selection of tables are distinguished by an unexpected charm that arises from their clean lines and singular elegance. Lastly, Saba Italia offers up a chance to make more from your outdoor areas with a selection of outdoor furniture that is intended to transform an outdoor space into a functional and joyful social experience, with a careful choice of fabrics and a nuanced approach to colour scheme.

The essential parts of the Saba Italia brand

While there is much to take from the Saba Italia in its entirety, that is little doubt that sofas are the flagship designs of the company. Each one blends style and character into an impressive visual experience. However, a reverence for function is also a key element, with models like the QUINTA STRADA ergonomically shaped so as to offer a luxurious experience whether you are sitting or lying down. In addition, Saba Italia facilities a bespoke experience by allowing you to select from a range of fabrics and colour scheme when it comes to each individual design, enabling you to tailor it to match the existing decor of your home. The No Logo Light is characterized by a majestic appearance, while the Settanta forgoes grandeur and focuses on a cozy look and feel. Finally, if you a looking for a dynamic statement, the XXL Anata and Taos sofas while provide all the impact you’ll need.