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Ascension Latorre

Ascension Latorre draws the essence from the classics, reinterpreting and adapting it to today's world in which needs have changed, and contributing to the reign of pure aesthetics. We combine technology and comfort with the highest quality and the most elegant lines possible. This is a world that comes from Ascension Latorre's love for art and beauty.

The journey of Ascension Latorre is one of evolution combined with a profound respect for the influences of natural form and the innovations of great designers who have gone before. It was back in 1959 that Ascension Latorre Chaves, along with her husband Guillermo Torrent Gonzalez, began a pilgrimage through the annals of interior design and laid down the foundation for what would one day become a style all of her own, for which she gave the title Classic Avante-Garde. This style aimed at blending a pioneering spirit with a due reverence for the classics. It did this by pushing the boundaries of established forms with the latest technological advances of the day. Ascension Latorre has continued to do this down through the years until now it has reached a point where new designers seek to incorporate the principals of Classic- Avante Garde into yet more innovations and creations. Now on the verge of their seventh decade of entrepreneurial creation, Ascension Latorre is still a family run business that has continued to influence the world of furniture design with the gravitational weight of its creations. Their focus has remained on luxury seating including luxury armchairs and modern and luxury sofas. Find more of their latest innovations here.


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Ascension Latorre, the Spanish experience 

The Ascension Latorre furniture collection is defined by the luxury of its upholstery and the classical yet innovative shaping of its structures. Each one speaks of a personalized design voice that is grounded in the opulent yet playful tone of Spanish interior design. Choose from a wide selection of sofas, dining chairs and armchairs but be sure to take into account the almost bespoke feel of each item. We recommend careful consideration when it comes to blending these items with the existing décor of your home. However, the right choice, once selected, will slot into the homestead in such a way as to make it seem as if a master had envisioned it for that space directly.

Ascension Latorre, the modern luxury armchairs

Gifted from a position of layered experience, each design in the Ascension Latorre collection is rendered through both the lens of luxury and modernity. Only the finest materials are used to create a supple yet durable experience that owners can enjoy throughout the long life of the piece. Upholstery is selected by the experienced family-based team of the company and then applied by expert craftsmen. Everything from supple leather worked over a modern white armchair to finely worked goatskin over a small sofa falls within the wheel-house of the talented design team, with a wide variety of historical luxury sofa-styles employed to give each piece a unique form. It is this combination of bewildering variety with no compromise on the excellence of the execution that makes the Ascension Latorre collection such a treat to peruse. The philosophy of the designers forgoes all thought of settling for less and aims at delivering furniture that satisfies and astounds on all frontiers, from form, to texture and, of course, beauty.