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Woven Chair

Woven Chair

Woven Chair

It is amazing to think that a method of crafting furniture that dates back thousands of years still stands out in the modern era of furniture creation. Yet there is no mistaking the simple yet elegant beauty of woven furniture. Its appeal has caused it to reach out across the ages and occupy space in every corner of the world.

The Pacific Compagnie collection of modern woven chairs offers items that blend right into any number of settings, including luxury woven chairs designed for the comforting atmosphere of the living and dining areas, design woven chairs that fold away making them perfect for creating an outdoor experience in a matter of minutes, and even stackable chairs that enable you to furnish the guests of your next big gathering with a sumptuous and traditionally-styled seating experience.

Yet the designers chosen for the collection are selected in part for their ability to forgo the tendency to rely on those who have gone before and the seek out new territory in the unexplored regions of design furniture. Consequently, expect to find new frontiers in form and the integration of this most ancient of furniture fashioning methods.


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A nod the skill of the ancients and a design ethos that looks towards the undiscovered

At the heart of the Pacific Compagnie collection of woven chairs is a love of the old and a burning desire to forge it into something new. As such, expect to see examples of this ethos in the liberal use of classic woven furniture materials such as beech and rattan with a contemporary attitude to dimensions and empty space. Once can even bring this unique style of blending into the office with combination pieces such as polished chrome and steel framed chairs with a braided back, ideal for excellent back support and a unique aesthetic delivered to the work space.

The use of steel extends beyond the work environment in the form of deep-seated structured chairs with sumptuous cushions and a braided exterior for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Yet despite the desire to transcend traditional boundaries of furniture design evidenced in the collection as a whole, there are style pieces that tip the cap to the beauty and chic of bygone eras. A classic example is the Parisian café-inspired woven chair created from natural rattan and finished in lined red or green, a perfect vantage point from which to watch the sun set and the human traffic pass on by.

A pattern of beauty that has stood the test of time

The longevity of the woven piece of furniture illustrates its enduring beauty and the love borne for its simple elegance. The intricacy of the weaving never fails to delight and inspire, and the hammock-like feel, the sense of suspension on air that only this style of furniture can deliver is a part of why, here at Pacific Compagnie, we are delighted to be able to offer a range of woven indoor furniture and outdoor examples of the same that come straight from the minds of people who are truly passionate about this style of seating.

However, if this is not the chair you need right now, continue to browse our range of other luxury and design chairs, as we feel confident that we have assembled a collection that has the one perfect item that speaks to your tailored preferences. Choose from everything from one-of-a-kind centerpieces for your garden or living spaces, to luxury indoor metals chairs with a difference.