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Chair wood

Chair wood

Chair wood

When you're designing the layout of a room or updating your décor and furniture, don't forget to add a wooden chair or two. A timeless piece that can be used in any space, a chair made from wood, wood and leather or wood and metal will prove worth its weight in gold. Unexpected guests and nowhere to seat them? Wouldn't it be so much easier if you had a modern wood chair to offer them?

Of course, its wrong to suggest that designer modern wood chairs and vintage wood chair styles are only for occasional use. Some of the beautiful pieces at Pacific Compagnie may be just what you're looking for to replace your dining chairs or create a conversational grouping of wood chairs that can be easily moved from indoors to out or vice versa.

Alternatively, you might adore some of our modern wood chair designs so much that you want to make them a feature in living rooms, dining rooms, conservatories, kitchens and bedrooms. If that's the case, be sure to explore the full range of Pacific Compagnie Indoor Furniture to find tables, end tables and benches that highlight their exceptional beauty.


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Wood chairs: our products

Many people think that wooden chairs generally belong in the kitchen or dining room. They clearly haven't seen the Pacific Compagnie collection of luxury modern leather and wood chairs or elegant vintage-style wood chairs. Made from prestigious woods and hardwoods and in a range of styles that encompasses traditional 4-legged wooden chairs, antique wooden chairs, ladderback seats, modern leather and wood chairs and metal chairs with wood accents, there are seats to suit all tastes.

Try mixing and matching to create a truly individual look, add a single antique wooden chair in the hall or in a quiet corner, or choose bright modern styles for kids' rooms and kitchens. Many of our elegant vintage wood chair styles work well in bedrooms while modern metal chairs can be easily used in any space.

Our modern, antique and vintage chair wood


Whether you're searching for a leather and wood vintage chair to team with your desk or whether you want a set of modern wood chairs to match the kitchen or poolside table, you'll discover lots of thrilling designs at Pacific Compagnie. Add a dash of timeless elegance to dining rooms or conservatories with the hand-carved walnut REFINED chair or unleash your playful side with colourful wooden chairs from our NUMBERS collection.

You may prefer unusual luxury wood chairs such as the RAVENA with its brightly coloured seat and transparent polycarbonate backrest, elegant upholstered wooden chairs like CECILE, or beautiful leather and wood chairs like the glamorous WEBBING PADDED chair.

Can't make up your mind? Take a closer look at all of our exceptional wooden chairs today while you browse the Pacific Compagnie Indoor Furniture collection.