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Fabric Chair

Fabric Chair

Fabric Chair

The modern fabric chair began its journey all the way back in the Middle Ages, where thoughts of comfort as well as function first came to the fore in furniture design. Since then, we’ve fallen in love with the ostensibly simple but usually complex process of upholstery. Fabric chairs are often chosen for their practicality, when kids or pets are the daily traffic and a need for longevity and durability is foremost in the homeowner's mind. However, there is a time and a place for all-out luxury and the Pacific Compagnie collection of design fabric chairs is it.

Here, we understand that the luxury fabric chair is something of a playground for some of the worlds’ foremost furniture designers, who love the versatility of the combinations that can be achieved, the challenge of matching the fabric to the form and the simple elegance and beauty that results when the perfect balance between the two is created. And make no mistake, the collection found herein picks up the gauntlet laid down by past designers with gusto, offering an inspirational selection of daring and deftly created shapes coated with the very finest fabrics available today. Prepare to sink back into something that feels right.

Striking the correct combination of pattern and form

Before choosing a fabric chair, look within yourself and within your home and define the criteria for perfection in your world. Where will it go, who will see it, who will use it, when will it begin to fade? The beauty of fabric covered chairs is that when time does start to tell, the option exists to simply revamp and renew, possibly with a whole new color scheme. That said, this is truer for furniture made for mass production and less true for the artisan-created pieces found on Pacific Compagnie. Made from the highest-grade material and assembled by experts who possess a life-long passion for the craft of furniture making, these design chairs exceed the average and even the excellent on a number of creative frontiers. Each maker possesses a keen eye for fabric and pattern that will blend seamlessly with the oftentimes fantastical and unexpected forms they wish to create.

Choose elegantly high-backed chairs that are sumptuously cushioned and covered with deeply colored red cloth, a must for adding drama to a bland interior. Or select something to fall into, a curvaceous, fully upholstered and wide-based chair with a long back covered in polished brass for undeniable impact. Or opt for something understated in its beauty such as our selection of design woven chairs, a perfect solution for a traditional décor.

The home of innovative and creative design pieces

At Pacific Compagnie, we firmly believe that a chair design that comes straight from the heart of true passion can inspire as much as any painting. We choose creations from only the most preeminent and cutting-edge artists and architects working today. Here you can expect beautifully rendered piece from design houses such as Victor, Carre Basse and Louis Phillipe.

Our dedication is to creating selection that offer something outside the norm, something bespoke, tailored to your specific desires. Not looking for a fabric chair? Continue your journey to a more beautiful home by browsing our selection of other luxury and designs chairs including design lounge chairs, luxury indoor metal chairs as well as a host of other flawlessly produced indoor furniture.


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