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The lounge sofa or daybed represents the pinnacle when it comes to taking in the outdoors in maximum and sumptuous comfort. It offers the perfect blend of canopy, recliner and social space which is why it has found its way into every social outdoor place from the gardens of European palaces to the penthouse rooftops of the Miami elite. Each iteration brings something new and unexpected, synthesizing traditional forms of furniture with a new level of outdoor functionality.

In the Pacific Compagnie collection, you can find a host of lounge and daybed options that come direct from the minds of some of the world’s foremost furniture designers.Each one stands as an avatar for the individual design philosophy of its creator, and the multiplicity of creative talents on the display stands as testament to Pacific Compagnie dedication to creating furniture collections that have a little of something to suit all tastes.

So, whether it’s something for the shoal rocks of a tropical shore or the sun-weather boards of your own outside deck, you can find it right here made with the greatest focus dedicated to every detail and a material construction that will last and last.


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Versatility and beauty in one furniture collection

Like the exterior environments they are meant to inhabit, outdoor lounge furniture sets can take a great many shapes and styles. This allows for great versatility when it comes to choosing something that blends with a given décor and aesthetic. The crisp white canvas of a lounge bed and Tipi combination is just the right contrast for the bare-rock yet beautiful scenery of a seaside getaway. The deep yet subtle tint of a Bali bed made from teak looks as if it has taken root and grown straight out of the verdant green of a pristine lawn in the summer time. Each choice has its own beauty to transmit into already inviting environments, allowing you to shift the atmosphere of a location that already holds great memories. Yet not all designers in the collection choose to stay within the boundaries of the traditional. Modernist designs such as aluminum outdoor lounge furniture like the chaise beds encircled in an intermittent shade provider also pepper the selection, offering something ideal for the modern poolside experience. One will even find stylish outdoor lounge furniture with more function in mind such as dining cabins that are perfect for lunch beneath the daytime sunshine.

The ability to maintain an inviting appearance, whatever comes

Like any other outdoor sofa and seating arrangement, the outdoor lounge and its designer must always keep one eye on longevity and durability. Each one of these designs is rendered with a meticulous eye for detail when it comes to both construction and the choice of material. As well as metal outdoor lounge furniture made from combinations of high-grade aluminum and timber, there can also be found a choice of less predictable but no less durable materials such as plasticized canvas and shaded carbon. Cushions are chosen for their inviting look as well as their ability to maintain that aesthetic come rain or shine. Take the first step toward bringing the warmth and comfort of your interiors to the outdoors and prepare to make a canopy of summer skies with the range of outdoor lounge furniture from Pacific Compagnie.