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Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung attributes his core concept of “ functional art furniture” to a professor at his Canadian Art School, where he prepared his Master’s degree in architecture. Exploration is the key to his design process. Yeung is known for re-thinking conventional expectations of the materials he works with. Drawing inspiration from the automation and aeronautical industries, Michael Yeung brings surrealism elements to his designs. Fragmented, spacial geometry and bold fluid forms characterize his designs. Each piece is designed to be visually appealing from every angle. Much like a sculptor, Yeung designs his furniture with a view of how the light will reflect and how it will cast shadows of the piece in the room, accentuating each curve and line to have the most visual impact. Comfort and functionality is an integral part of every Michael Yeungs design, making each piece a « functional piece of art ».

Starting his design life as a part of the Halo creative bureau, Michael Yeung has continued to expand and develop his uniquely modern style into something wholly distinguished. In appearance, the Yeung style hints at the original modernists rather than simply standing as a reflection of current contemporary trends. His creations exhibit the reverence and optimism for the benefits and beauty of forthcoming technology that was inherent to the founders of the modernist movement. Yeung received his training at the University of Calgary graduating with a degree in Fine arts that specialized in drawing and sculpture and one can discern a deep understanding of form and light in each of his designs. He does not only aim to create impact with the mold and outline of the furniture item itself but also by understanding how it will interact with the elements of its environment. But make no mistake, Yeung designs are intended to create some significant impact. Each one is a tour de force of geometric anomalies blended with eye-catching material and rendered in style that could be considered both futuristic and retro at the same time. Modern shelves transform into something that seems to hold the potential to take passengers through time while also holding vases, books and personal items. Deep seated armchairs look ready to hug you close as you bridge the lightyears between galaxies or, instead, offering you a cushioned experience for drinking with friends. Yeung’s designs are a constant play between the demands of luxury and the hypothetical needs of a yet to be realized future.


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The Chinese furniture style

The imposing and dynamic nature of Yeung's designs means that they tend to dominate rooms rather than blending with a laid-back décor. Aim for the dramatic when choosing a place for them and you will find that they can set off a suitable background with aplomb and vigor.

Michael Yeung the plus value from Canadian Art school

The design bureau of Michael Yeung is based in Hong Kong and one can see the high-tech aesthetic of the city reflected in his designs. Inspired by his training as an artist and sculptor, Yeung aims to take the traditional and fuses it with a healthy injection of futuristic flair. Take as an example his luxury chair stainless steel, which tapers the armchair into an almost cockpit like shape and coats it in materials that would not look out of place in prime position on the galley of an exploratory space vehicle. Indeed, polished steel stands at the heart of many Yeung designs, yet he never forgets to maintain the power to entice with shape alone. Rounded curves and circular themes contrast with unexpected spaces and a multi-plane attitude to dimension.