A moment of pleasure with Rausch

Give yourself a little time and let yourself be inspired by the famous designs and the new collections New Classic, Happy and Summer Lounge. Create a unique atmosphere for your guests with Rausch! Rausch is above all a quality of the eye. An exceptional sense of design that will make your exterior and your garden totally unique. Do you have a swimming pool? Do you want to give it extra class and construct a place, a kind of outdoor living room, where you can welcome guests? Through all its creations, it has always been Rausch's ambition to enable you to achieve this. This is why the brand and its various collections conceptualise its high-style furniture. Armchairs, coffee tables, sofas, units, poufs, dining tables, loungers, and more. The pieces you dream of for your garden are all covered by the expertise of Rausch.


A sought-after brand

Rausch is a very popular brand. As well as private customers, you can find many of their creations in luxury hotels, golf clubs and cruise ships. This success is explained by the innate taste for luxury shared by all the brand's different creators and designers. A luxury that takes on its full meaning out-of-doors, in moments of relaxation enabled by the comfort of the company's furniture.


The German’s furniture quality

Standing at the forefront of German design when it comes to ergonomically centered outdoor furniture design, Rausch and its collection are infused with and inspired by the unapologetic belief that life is an outdoor activity. Each item is created to take the comforts of the indoors and bring it to the open air, thereby enabling you to spend more of your life with the sky as your canopy. A meticulous attention to detail when it comes to a choice of materials is a central component in this endeavor. Expect to see a selection of durable yet luxurious fabric mixed with modern materials such as molded fibre glass and polished aluminum. The selection contains sofas and furniture that is designed to add that missing social element to your pool gatherings or to turn an unused corner into the new outdoor dining experience of your home. Muted colours serve as a base element for the collection with a lighter palette employed for seating elements, meaning these items are ideal for enhancing the existing garden aspect rather than overloading the eye with excessive impact.