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Gervasoni in brief…

Attention to detail, the use of natural materials crafted with mastery, suggestions of places near and far remain the hallmarks of Gervasoni products. Collaboration with some of the most qualified designers such as Paola Navone – artistic director of the company – Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup, guarantees the aesthetic quality of the products and continued experimentation with new materials. Sustainability is a commitment that the company pursues in all phases of the production cycle.


Gervasoni, since 1882

Founded in 1882, Gervasoni is now led by the third generation of the family, Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. And if the Italian company has weathered the years with great panache, it has also demonstrated a remarkable instinct for adapting its style to the period. But the Gervasoni touch lies above all in the company's innate sense of detail, its trademark since its foundation. If we add the use of high-quality natural materials, we obtain furniture of exquisite good taste: sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, chairs, beds and other top-of-the-range pieces.


Concern for aesthetics and the environment

To ensure the elegance and modernity of its products, Gervasoni never hesitates to forge relationships with renowned designers such as Paola Navone, Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup. In other words, we could say the brand, despite the guarantees of its longevity and the success achieved over many decades, is still in quest of innovation. This can even be felt in the use of new materials and its fierce commitment to sustainable development, which can be seen at every stage of the production cycle of Gervasoni's products.


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