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Gloster and its designs

Exceptional design and a commitment to quality have forged our reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture. Over the last fifty years, our ambitions have prospered. We are now established as a world leader. More than ten million pieces of luxury garden furniture and fifty years of growth later, we are now a well-known name throughout the world. Gloster


Gloster, a world without borders

With the Gloster brand, break down the barriers between interior and exterior and make your garden a real extension of your home. Because an exterior worthy of the name also needs to be a welcoming space. Adopting the Gloster mindset means not limiting your imagination to the walls of your house, but embracing new possibilities outdoors to give free rein to all your ideas and your personality. Adaptable living furniture, sofas, corner pieces, stackable and foldable chairs, etc. The brand's various creations are produced so that each one can fit into your ideas and your exterior. Gloster adapts to you, rather than the other way round.


An international presence

The company has now been in existence for over fifty years. This longevity has enabled it to become a world leader in upmarket exterior furniture over the years. Fifty years in which the brand has sold over ten million pieces of luxury garden furniture! An impressive figure which bears witness to Gloster's presence at the four corners of the globe. Teak, aluminium cane, steel and woven resin are all used for furniture with a resolutely contemporary design.


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