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XVL Home Collection

XVL Home Collection

XVL Home Collection

XVL created his collection for furnishing and decorating the house. These creations are intended to better integrate your furniture in your home, the composition of dining areas, storage solutions, wardrobes, bedrooms and bathroom, all possible measures. To discover in our shop.


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XVL, Where Form Meets Function

XVL developed their collections with the aim of offering simple yet profound beauty and function to the home. Their creations are brought into being with the intention of integrating seamlessly with your interiors adding value to the composition of your dining rooms and living areas, delivering storage solutions that never compromise on the aesthetic as well as bespoke walk-in closets for your bedrooms and items for the complete bathroom suite. The XVL Home Collection was set up with the aim of developing a specialization in the creation and manufacture of contemporary furniture. According to its founder, Xavier Van Lil, the XVL Home Collection is defined by "the love of beauty, simplicity and simplicity". Throughout their 15 years, the Belgian brand has continued to set the tone for innovative contemporary design in the country’s ever-expanding design scene. Their name is taken from the first initials of the company’s founder, whose design style has become emblematic of the company’s products. This style if defined by clean lines and elegant use of form combined with a meticulous dedication to the incorporation of high-quality materials. Each item is developed and created by hand by tried and tested artisans who employ a range of both traditional and innovative techniques. The success of the brand has seen its reach expand across the globe and you can now find items from the XVL collection in homes across the world.

A playful blend of colour and craftsmanship

The XVL Home collection contains a range of versatile and engaging furniture pieces that seek to infuse beauty into a room with subtly understated aesthetic. The use of lines is clear and clean and yet a contemporary application of fabric and colour palette enables these lines to soften ever so slightly. Ideal for those looking to fill out a modern apartment with chic and stylish furniture, the careful yet playful blend of materials include wood, leather, chrome and lacquer making for a simple yet unmistakable elegance that creates impact without dominating the aesthetic.

A masterclass in understated design

While the choice of high-quality materials is a key factor in the XVL design ethos, it’s clear that the designer wishes for aesthetic of the wood should be subordinate to the impact of the form. Each table exhibits an unexpected use of empty space which makes for a bespoke feel that lends the room personality. The use of colour is reserved and yet the careful consideration when it comes to contrast allows the aesthetic to skirt the lines between subtle and eye-catching. The entire XVL Home collection is available to view and buy in Paris at Pacific-Compagnie. For more information about XVL products contacts us at