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Folding armchair

Folding armchair

Folding armchair

Light, weather-resistant and so useful, outdoor folding armchairs are an essential part of summer. Most of us will have been short of outdoor seating at some time or other; maybe a family dinner or brunch became bigger than you expected, guests may have arrived at short notice when you were planning an al fresco supper, or perhaps you just didn't have a comfortable place to sit to watch the sunset. These scenarios are familiar to all of us, yet with a few outdoor small and large folding armchairs to hand, you're ready for any eventuality. And, of course, when you view the current collection at Pacific Compagnie, you'll discover that you never have to forgo style for practicality.

Each of our chairs is made to the highest standards and will grace any outdoor space. Pick shapes and sizes that complement the space you have in mind or mix and match with a variety of colours and materials. An outdoor leather folding armchair brings a sense of taste and refinement to any setting, for example, while an outdoor wood folding armchair can be either warm and comforting or fresh and airy depending on the colours and types you pick.

Whatever your personal tastes, you'll discover outdoor folding armchairs in a wide range of colours and materials at Pacific Compagnie as well as all the accessories you need to make them look fabulous.


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Outdoor folding armchair: our products

Keep a couple of stacking outdoor folding armchairs handy for the children or for unexpected guests or choose a selection of outdoor small and large folding armchairs to go with various other pieces from the Pacific Compagnie Outdoor Furniture line. Summer days by the pool are so much more enjoyable when everyone isn't scrambling for somewhere to sit. 

Add a wood outdoor folding armchair or two to bench tables or place a few small and large folding outdoor armchairs in specific places. Larger chairs offer adults a comfortable resting place and kids always love smaller outdoor folding chairs that have been designed with them in mind. For a more luxurious look, you might team outdoor leather folding armchairs with a glass or metal outdoor dining table.

Whichever of our elegant but practical chairs you decide on, you're assured of many years of use. Built to last and made from materials that can withstand a little wind or rain, they can be left in place or moved indoors according to your wishes.

Our leather, wood, small and large outdoor folding armchair collection

An outdoor folding armchair from Pacific Compagnie is so much more than a piece of occasional furniture. With their elegant lines and exhibiting the same attention to detail that sets all of our furniture apart, these versatile chairs can also be an integral part of your terrace, patio, garden, poolside or conservatory design.

Choose pieces that reflect your own sense of style such as the glamorous OSKAR director-style chair or the CROSS TEAK outdoor wood folding armchair in rich, natural teak. The lightweight HEGOA chair with its aluminium frame and canvas seating is ideal for compact spaces yet elegant enough to act as a chic and artistic addition to your current layout. Kids will love pieces like the ASCOT wood outdoor folding armchair with its lower seat and comfortable armrests which look just like the high-back recliner version for adults.

Whether you want leather outdoor folding armchairs that can be stashed away each evening or more durable chairs in metal or wood, there are so many exceptional designs to choose from at Pacific Compagnie.  Why not take a look at our Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture collections today? You can expect to find lots of beautiful tables and coffee tables to go with your outdoor folding armchairs alongside chic accessories like cushions and seating pads that allow you to put your own stamp on all your outdoor spaces.