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Modular sofas

Modular sofas

A wide choice of modular sofas, you can enjoy shade and easily move the elements, you can break the monotony that rhymes with design and modularity. Why are modular sofas so popular? Is it their durable construction or chic upholstery? Or, is it simply the fact that you can change the way your room looks simply by shifting your sofa around? We think that it's a combination of all of these features but, there is no denying that contemporary modular sofa design is more appealing than ever. Whether you want a curvy modern sofa or a stylish vintage modular sofa, you'll find plenty of beatiful modular furniture to choose from at Pacific Compagnie.

We offer a complete collection of Indoor Furniture that has been carefully selected with today's client in mind. You may simply want a modular sofa bed that can be used when guests arrive unexpectedly, or you could be looking for a large modular sofa that can be placed as you desire from day to day to create an infinite number of looks. Whatever way you like to place your modular sofas, you can add to their allure with carefully chosen complementary pieces from the Pacific Compagnie Indoor Furniture line. Browse side tables, console tables and coffee tables to find everything you need to make your modular furniture stand out from the crowd.


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Modular sofas: our products

Like all our indoor and outdoor furniture, Pacific Compagnie modular sofas have been built by dedicated designers and craftspeople to the highest standards. Each piece has been chosen for its overall design, durability and comfort. Contemporary modular sofa design has come a long way since the trend was first popularised in the 1950s-60s. Today, you can count on comfort as well as style.

These adaptable pieces can be placed in formation or split to suit your current tastes. Mix and match with contrasting colours or experiment with different fabrics or leather. You could also try placing two modular sofas at opposite ends of a large room or create a cosy nook with a small modular sofa bed that is easy to move if you need the space.

Plus, since you can shift things around to suit your mood, you can try out new ideas every day.

Our modern, contemporary and vintage modular sofas


Wood frames, leather or fabric upholstery and eye-catching design details are just some of the elements to note when you browse our collection of Pacific Compagnie modular sofas. When choosing modular furniture, sofas as sure to be at the top of your list. The sofa is often the most noticeable piece in a room and acts as the base for your layout and décor. If you love a dash of timeless flair, a vintage modular sofa such as the CHICANE GAUCHE in exquisite leather might appeal to you. If you prefer fabric, you can still choose a timeless look.

For example, the glamorous CUBIC will appeal to those who love the ever-popular monochrome trend, while the INOUT with its white hand-woven polyethylene and aluminium frame and its bright upholstery is the perfect statement piece. Explore our modular furniture sofa collection in more depth today and get ready to enjoy seating that is as versatile and adaptable as you.