Just installed a hot tub or had a new swimming pool built? Why not finish your outdoor space perfectly with one of our gorgeous showers? Since the first few drops of rain fell on Neanderthal man, humans have adored outdoor showers. Now, Pacific Compagnie has brought the concept firmly up to date with a sophisticated collection of showers that combine elegance, aesthetics and practicality. Premium materials, technologically advanced manufacturing processes and, above all, superb design features make our stand up shower range a treat just waiting to be discovered. There's nothing quite like a refreshing shower on the patio on a hot day and it's an essential step when using the swimming pool or hot tub. The presence of an outdoor shower invites your guests to shed the dust and debris of everyday life before entering the pool and prompts them to rinse off excess chlorine when leaving. Not only does your bathing water remain clean and untainted, but you and your family and friends benefit from the shower's cooling properties as well as its ability to remove drying chemicals from skin and hair. Everyone loves showers. Kids will adore splashing happily during family brunches or barbecues while adults might opt for a vigorously rejuvenating outside shower after jogging or a game of tennis. A practical addition to your poolside space or garden, outdoor showers work especially well with complementary pieces like the sunbathing chairs or loungers that can be seen in our current Outdoor Furniture collection



Stand up and pool showers: our products

Outdoor showers not only provide the element of cleanliness that you demand, but they're also a fun addition to your poolside that the whole family will enjoy. Once installed in a convenient part of your garden or terrace, you can revel in the freedom of showering outside on warm days and enjoy the luxury and privilege of being able to dry off in the sunshine. Maybe you prefer a gentle rainfall effect or perhaps the invigorating properties of arch construction showers with three heads appeal to you. Create beautiful outdoor areas that reflect your individuality by choosing materials and finishes that complement the surrounding space. Discover the sleek minimalist lines of anodised zinc showers or add a dash of warmth and elegance with pool showers in natural teak. You'll love how the warmth and natural sheen of wood complement leafy spaces or decking and the way that modern free-standing metal outdoor showers become an artistic feature of your poolside. At Pacific Compagnie, you'll find products that are always designed with you in mind and all of our stand up and pool showers have been made to the highest specifications.  

Our outdoor and walk-in showers

What could be easier than a shower that you step right into before and after you enter the pool or hot tub? Our outdoor and walk-in showers collection is certain to inspire you as you strive to complete your glorious poolside area. Slightly enclosed walk-in showers such as the beautiful Azure-Iroko in natural teak or outdoor showers that can be placed by an exterior wall like the Inoxround are ideal for open spaces. Leafy or shaded areas invite you to be as inventive as you wish; go for a retro look with the exquisite Bridge Shower in coated stainless steel or pick a curved design that accentuates sweeping branches and foliage such as the teak Odalo with its practical step on platform. Look for showers with one or more heads according to your preferences and take size and the amount of available space into account when making your final decision. For example, the compact design of modern pillar-style outdoor showers in brushed zinc or coated metals makes them incredibly popular for poolside use and variations on specific designs such as the Paname Hydro. Zinc,  Paname Zlu Zinc and Paname Zinc allow you to select exactly the right colour and finish. Finally,  add a few occasional tables from our imaginative Outdoor Furniture range, pile them high with fluffy towels, stock up on cool drinks as you prepare for memorable days and evenings with your favourite people.