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You've never heard of the French brand Sifas Paris? We do not doubt to see its popularity increase, to see the quality of its offer. Sofa, dining table, armchair, swing or chaise longue: it presents collections of chic and functional furniture. They are likely to please the amateurs of a contemporary decoration but also the people in search of sober and practical equipment for their dwelling.


Sifas: furniture across the seasons

Sifas is a French brand whose furniture will grace any interior, exterior or garden. Products that leave you totally free in terms of imagination and possibilities. But the company's production is oriented primarily towards the exterior, with a variety of garden furniture. For anyone who regularly receives guests and enjoys offering them comfort and relaxation in the sun, the very chic dining chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas and sun loungers from Sifas are a perfect match for the way you want your exterior to be.


Elegance and expertise in the service of robust furniture

But Sifas France above all means a commitment to stable, stainless materials. Based on the obvious need to make sustainable development a priority, the French brand wants its many products to survive through time and the seasons. They are designed for outdoor use, and the goal is for them to thrive on bad weather. Placing your trust in Sifas means investing in exterior decoration for the long term. Moreover, the contemporary lines of their furniture are simultaneously chic and streamlined but also very technical and functional

The Sifas furniture, ideal for interior or exterior design

You will find on the Pacific Compagnie boutique Sifas furniture to equip your interior and other products to furnish your outdoor spaces with taste. Its teams design aesthetic solutions without ever sacrificing comfort. In addition, sustainable development is at the heart of Sifas' philosophy and manufacturing process. An aspect that should not leave you insensitive if ecological considerations are particularly close to your heart.


Superior quality

The criteria for choosing furniture vary according to the consumer. Those who pay great attention to their budget look first of all at the price, others privilege the appearance of the pieces which interest them and in particular the colour. A different characteristic is also decisive when comparing furniture in line, it is the material or materials which constitute it. Stainless steel (stainless steel) and braided resin are two of the main materials chosen by the creators of the Sifas brand. Stainless steel is an alloy composed of steel, nickel and chromium. It has the advantage of being durable and resistant to temperature variations. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, unlike wrought iron or other metals.

Furniture that stands the test of time

In addition, it is corrosion resistant and does not require significant maintenance. Stainless steel connote modernity, which is why it appears so frequently in contemporary interiors. Braided resin, also known as poly rattan, is used to make many pieces of furniture. Pacific Compagnie is proud to be a Sifas reseller that promotes the creations of the Transatlantik collection. It is made of robust and light furniture parts, therefore very easy to move. Their coating is UV and weather resistant and adds an exotic decorative touch. You are free to choose the elements you need according to the configuration of your terrace or veranda. Bar stool, chauffeuse, corner module, armchair, coffee table: you have only the embarrassment of choice to make your outdoor sitting area a very comfortable environment!